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All children entering school to catch the state varsahra 003-04 pravesotsava school program is planned. Very good results in similar schools, the program reached near 100% nomination. During this period, the physical facilities and schools to provide the state government is very significant work. Common to all these factors as a result of the drop out rate in primary schools of Standard 1. Standard 1 to 7 of 9% and 8.87% is derived from the "0" until the target is taken to state government.

Thus, the schools nominated 100% and 100% physical achievement toward stabilization in the march issue. The school - teachers - vigharthioni educational "quality" must be centered on the need to focus on the concentration. As the school - teachers and educational sajajata vigharthioni academic ability and study to measure the quality of testing and trutiona needs of today's instant, it is "gunotsava" program. Respect to this program. Minister and respect. Mantrisrio / sacivasrio parliamentary and state level / district level officers will connect the high school - a teacher - vigharthinum evaluate the academic point of view "gunotsava" the program.